Together, Let’s Take Care of the Mother Nature for a Greener, Better World

Our E-Waste Recycle Policy

Of course, technological evolutions have transformed the world into a better place; it has made the lives of billions of people better and it has changed the way we live and how businesses are conducted. It has also transformed industries and economies. When everything was well and good, technology has begun posing a different kind of challenge—the concerns of e-waste. No one foresaw this was coming. The massive amounts of hazardous waste produced by electronics and electric products have been posing serious dangers and threats to all kinds of biological lives and the environment itself. Hence, effective and timely management of e-waste is integral to ensuring the protection of everyone’s livelihoods and the nature that we are all a part of. In order to fight this rising concern of e-waste, regulations and protocols for taking care of e-waste have been made by the Government of India through the Ministry of Environment and Forest creating the E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules in 2011.

Here at Nishan Electronics, we are committed to be a part of the Government of India’s constant endeavors to manage, process and address e-waste. Hence, we, as a responsible business, implement the regulations set forth by the government so that we all can live in a better, greener environment.

Akin to any hazardous waste, the concerns regarding e-wastes have become a pressing and long-term issue that needs immediate attention. When these wastes are allowed to accumulate and recycle without effective regulation, it can pose grave environmental issues to the lives all biodiversity. This creates an immediate need for the waste to be properly managed, processes and recycled so as to keep the ecological balance intact and unaffected and landfills reduced. One of the most important steps in doing this is to reduce waste by ensuring minimal waste and timely resource management. Having taken the initiative to support the world as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and to meet the statutory requirements, we have associated with ABC Pvt. Ltd. for e-waste management, process and recycling. A responsible business, we have been processing and recycling e-wastes as per the statutory requirements as well as formulating new ways to maximize our resources to reduce e-waste.

Nishan Electronics has always stood for a cleaner and greener nature, and our constant efforts for 100% e-waste management and recycling have always underlined our vision.

Why is E-Waste Hazardous?

  • Toxic materials present on e-waste when mixed with air, water and land can cause significant health concerns
  • Oil and gases in the e-waste was pollute the environment
  • Batteries contain toxic elements that can adversely affect the environment
  • It can adversely affect the lives of al biological lives
  • It can threaten the balance of our ecosystems

Want to Contribute for a Safer Environment? You Can Do These

  • Handle electrical and electronic items to an authorized e-waste recycler
  • Dispose e-waste only to authorized e-waste recycler in your area
  • Keep the e-waste isolated when it becomes irreparable or non-functional to stop from accidental breakages
  • Call the toll-free number for e-waste collection
  • You can also dispose e-waste at various collection centers, as well

The Don’ts of E-Waste Recycling

  • Unless an authorized recycler, one should not open or dismantle an electronic or electrical product.
  • E-waste must not be resold to any authorized dealers or scrap businesses
  • Products must not be mixed with household wastes
  • Avoid keeping any replaces parts in exposed areas

Our E-Waste Terms and Conditions

  • The initiative that we take here for e-waste recycling is our commitment towards building a better, greener and safer world for everyone.
  • This is one of the many ways that show our responsibility towards the world that we are a part of.
  • We also encourage and request all our customers to join this great cause.
  • You can visit the website of ABC Pvt. Ltd. for more details regarding e-waste recycling.
  • When a product is given for recycling, they are not eligible for any kind of exchange offers.
  • The recycling service is subject to the availability and conditions of the recycler
  • Nikshan has full authority to change any or whole terms of our e-waste recycle policy.