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Washer Dryer

Onida 6.5 kg Washer only Red (WS65WLPT1LR)

Original price was: ₹5,800.00.Current price is: ₹5,500.00.

Model Name


Function Type

Washer only

Maximum Spin Speed

780 rpm

Wash Cycle Duration

15 min



Washing Capacity

6.5 kg

Washing Method

Normal Pulsator Wash

Electrolux 7.5Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Venting Dryer, Scandinavian Design with Reverse Tumbling, Smart Sensors, Colour Care Function, White, UltimateCare 300, EDV754H3WB

Original price was: ₹63,490.00.Current price is: ₹39,990.00.






7.5 kg


220-230 V

Access Location

‎Front Load

Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Noise Level

63 dB


‎Pre-Coated Metal

Item Dimensions

60 x 60 x 85 Centimeters

Item Weight

28 kg 600 g


2 Years Standard Warranty; 10 Years Warranty on Inverter Motor

LG 15/8Kg Front Load Washer-Dryer, AI Direct Drive™, Black VCM, FHD1508STB

Original price was: ₹119,990.00.Current price is: ₹90,900.00.




Black VCM

Additional Features


Max Dry Capacity

8 Kg

Max Wash Capacity

15 Kg

Display Type


Item Dimensions

60 x 85 x 56.5 cm


10-year warranty on the motor and parts

Ifb Laundrimagic 3-In-1 8.5 Kg/6.5 Kg/2.5 Kg Inverter Washer Dryer Refresh Front Load (Executive Zxm)

Original price was: ₹73,990.00.Current price is: ₹59,500.00.




Model Name

‎Executive ZXM

Special Feature



‎8.5 Kilograms

Control Type

‎Push Button

Number of Option Cycles

Eco, Silk, Quick Wash

Access Location

‎Front Load

Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Maximum Rotational Speed

‎1400 RPM

Controls Type

Fully Automatic

Noise Level

63 dB

Item Weight

75 Kgs

Product Dimensions

‎23.6D x 24.8W x 33.9H Centimeters

Q: What does a washer dryer do?

Ans: washer dryer combines both washing and drying functions in a single appliance, making it convenient for users with limited space.


Q: What is the difference between a washer dryer and a washing machine?

Ans: A washer dryer can both wash and dry clothes, while a washing machine only washes clothes. A separate dryer is needed to dry clothes if using a washing machine.


Q: What are the disadvantages of a washer dryer?

Ans: Disadvantages include longer drying times, higher energy consumption, and smaller drying capacity compared to standalone dryers.


Q: Does a washer dryer dry clothes completely?

Ans: Yes, a washer dryer can dry clothes completely, but the drying cycle may take longer than a standalone dryer.


Q: Is a washer dryer worth it?

Ans: A washer dryer is worth it if you have limited space and need the convenience of an all-in-one appliance. However, it may not be as efficient as separate units.


Q: Why does my washer dryer take 3 hours to dry?

Ans: Washer dryers often take longer to dry clothes due to their combined functionality and smaller drying capacity. Proper load size and using appropriate drying settings can help.


Q: Which is more expensive, a washer or a dryer?

Ans: Typically, dryers are more expensive than washers due to their specialized drying technology and energy efficiency features.


Q: Do 2 in 1 washer dryers work?

Ans: Yes, 2-in-1 washer dryers work effectively for both washing and drying, but they may have limitations such as longer drying times and smaller load capacities.


Q: Is it good to buy washer and dryer separately?

Ans: Buying a washer and dryer separately can be beneficial for larger households or those who need faster drying times and larger capacities.


Q: Do washer dryers use a lot of electricity?

Ans: Washer dryers generally use more electricity than standalone washers and dryers because they combine both functions in one unit.


Q: Why buy washer and dryer together?

Ans: Buying a washer and dryer together can be convenient, save space, and ensure compatibility in terms of load capacity and features.


Q: Can we use washer and dryer together?

Ans: Yes, many households use a washer and dryer together to efficiently handle their laundry needs.


Q: Can I use dryer and washing machine together?

Ans: Yes, using a dryer and washing machine together can help streamline your laundry process and reduce overall time.


Q: Is a washer dryer worth it in India?

Ans: A washer dryer can be worth it in India for those with limited space and who need the convenience of an all-in-one appliance.


Q: Can clothes go straight from washer to dryer?

Ans: Yes, clothes can go straight from the washer to the dryer, especially if using a washer dryer combo unit.


Q: Does a dryer fully dry clothes?

Ans: Yes, a dryer is designed to fully dry clothes, but it may take longer for heavier items or larger loads.


Q: Can I put soaked clothes in the dryer?

Ans: It's best to wring out soaked clothes before placing them in the dryer to prevent overloading the machine and ensure efficient drying.


Q: Can water damage a dryer?

Ans: Excessive water exposure can damage a dryer’s electrical components and reduce its lifespan.


Q: Can dryer cause health problems?

Ans: A poorly maintained dryer can cause health problems by releasing lint and allergens into the air. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.


Q: How to dry clothes fast?

Ans: To dry clothes fast, use a high spin cycle, separate heavy and light fabrics, and ensure proper airflow around the dryer.


Q: Do dryers leak water?

Ans: Dryers should not leak water. If they do, it may indicate a malfunction or a problem with the ventilation system. Regular maintenance can prevent leaks.