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Window Cleaning Robot

Milagrow Window Seagull 23

Original price was: ₹49,990.00.Current price is: ₹39,990.00.

Robotic Area Measurement


Robotic Path Management

Yes, 3X Better

Robotic Frameless Cleaning

Yes, with Multiple Edge Sensors

Robotic Edge Cleaning


Robotic Return to Origin


Robotic Obstacle Sensing


Robotic Suction Power Sensor


Robotic Framed Cleaning


Auto Cleaning Mode

3 (N, Z & N+Z )

Cleaning Stages

3 stage. Wipe, Mop, Wipe

Glass Window Cleaning


Glass Door Cleaning


Plain Glass Cleaning

Yes 2 times faster

Working speed

2.5 Min/m²

Working noise (db)

Working noise (db)

Working Time

Unlimited as connected to mains. Battery is just a back up

Mopping Pad Size

3 Mops. Wet Mop 230×190 mm

Extension Cord (m)


Remote Control Battery

2x Aaa (1.5 Volt) Battery for Remote Control

Bumper Cleaning Cloth


Instruction Manual


Time for Full Charge

3 h

Item Dimensions

216x216x70 mm

Item Weight

3.6 kg


1 Year comprehensive warranty.

Window Cleaning Robot FAQs

Q: Are there robots that clean windows?
Ans: Yes, there are robot window cleaners designed to automatically clean windows with minimal human intervention.

Q: What is the cost of an automatic glass cleaner?
Ans: The cost of an automatic glass cleaner varies depending on the brand and features but typically ranges from ₹8,000 to ₹40,000.

Q: How do you clean windows with a robot?
Ans: To clean windows with a window cleaning robot, place the robot on the window, start the device, and it will automatically navigate and clean the surface.

Q: Do self-cleaning windows work?
Ans: Yes, self-cleaning windows use a special coating that breaks down dirt with sunlight and washes it away with rain, reducing the need for manual cleaning.

Q: Do cleaning robots really work?
Ans: Yes, cleaning robots, including window cleaning robots, are effective at maintaining clean surfaces with minimal human effort.

Q: Is a cleaning robot an AI?
Ans: Most cleaning robots use basic AI to navigate and perform cleaning tasks, but they are not fully autonomous artificial intelligence systems.

Q: What is a window cleaning device called?
Ans: A window cleaning device can be called a window cleaning robot, robot window cleaner, or automatic window cleaner.

Q: Is self-cleaning glass real?
Ans: Yes, self-cleaning glass is real and uses a special coating that helps keep the glass clean with minimal maintenance.

Q: How to clean windows in India?
Ans: In India, you can use a robot window cleaner or traditional methods such as squeegees and cleaning solutions to keep windows clean.

Q: What is the best robot window cleaner?
Ans: The best robot window cleaner depends on your specific needs and budget, but popular models include the Ecovacs Winbot and Hobot series.