Key Features
  • Made of  : Aluminium
  • Type: Pot
  • Non-stick, Dishwasher Safe
  • Lid Included, Induction Bottom
  • Capacity  : 17 L
  • Diameter  : 38 cm



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We at Impex ensure that all our products are a perfect blend of quality and functionality. This non-stick aluminium coated sauce pan takes your cooking to the next level. Cooking anything in this sauce pan is simple and less messy. It is a very sleek and stylish sauce pan that you can use for different types of cooking needs.

The Versatility Speaks for Itself

The four S that define this Sauce pan are – Strong, Sturdy, Sleek and Stylish.

High Grade 3 Layer Coating

This beautiful and sleek sauce pan comes with a high grade 3-layer coating. This ensures a very clean cooking experience as the base does not cause any type of stickiness. You can also easily clean the sauce pan as soon as you are done with the cooking.

Metal Spoon Friendly

This sauce pan is metal spoon friendly. Therefore, you can easily use metal, wooden or plastic spoons and utensils for cooking. It does not cause any type of scratches or marks on the pan. An easy to use option in all households.

Thick Aluminium Body

This sauce pan is made with the thick aluminium body. This makes this saucepan an extremely durable and reliable option for your day to day cooking needs. It is also designed for rough and regular cooking needs of the users.

Strong Backlite Handles

This sauce pan comes with strong and sturdy cool backlite handles. This will enable you to cook your food with complete ease. In addition, you can also move the sauce pan from one place to another without burning your hands or fingers.

Metal Lid

The sauce pan comes with a sturdy metal lid. Closing the pan with the lid helps you cook ingredients faster and ensures complete safety. It also locks the heat and flavour in the sauce pan.

High-Quality Outer Coating

This sauce pan comes with a heat resistant outside coating. The maroon coating looks very stylish and elegant. The overall design and colour suit any type of kitchen decor and styling.




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