LLOYD Frost Free Refrigerator 252 L (GLFF262EDST1PB)

  • Invertor Technology
  • Bactshield
  • Deca Cool
  • Wonder Zone
  • 10 Year Warranty on Compressor, 1 year Full Warranty ,

21,500.00 29,990.00

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Inverter compressor helps maintain the cooling within 1 °C temperature range. Due to its advanced technology, it generates less noise, and lesser energy than a conventional refrigerator.BACTSHEILD technology prevents bacterial growth by 99.9%. BACTSHIELD helps keeps the food fresher and younger for longer.DECACOOL Technology enable cooling in all corners of the refrigerator. DECACOOL helps in better cooling and maintains freshness for longer.A Specialized Zone for your Specialized foods that require LOW temperatures like Milk, Ghee, Poultry, Fish etc. WONDER ZONE maintains temperature between 0 – 4 °C that helps in maintaining the freshness of food.To increase the life out compressor, which said to the heart of the Refrigerator, we have 2 fail safes that protect the compressor from excess heat & energy serge also.Our refrigerators work in the Voltage range if 130 – 260 V. you can use the refrigerators can work without use of stabilizers.Maximum versatility to use the space with Adjustable Toughened Shelves. Multiple storage spaces in the door for storing 2 Litres bottles, condiments, eggs, and may more.




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