RoboPhelps 25- Milagrow Pool Robot

  • Robotic 6th Sense.
  • Cleans Pool Floor-Walls-Stairs-Coves.
  • Cleans upto 2100 sq ft in 2 hours.
  • Filters 18000 litres/hour.
  • Smart Z programming.
  • Suits all pool shapes, surfaces and types.
  • Can climb up to 6 ft.
  • Saves upto 93% energy and 30% on pool chemicals.
  • Can also be remote controlled for specific cleaning.
  • 4 Strong scrubbing wheels.
  • 2 Powerful motors.
  • 82 ft long cable with 360-degree swivel.
  • 3 Time settings.
  • Injury protection.
  • Multiple sensors or Minimum Human Intervention.


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Experience the ultimate in-pool maintenance with the RoboPhelps 25 Milagrow Pool Cleaning Robot, a state-of-the-art pool cleaning robot designed to make your pool cleaning hassle-free.

This robotic marvel, named Milagrow Pool Cleaning Robot, is equipped with a 6th Sense technology that ensures comprehensive cleaning of the pool floor, walls, stairs, and coves.

Cleansing an impressive 2100 sq ft in just 2 hours, RoboPhelps 25 Milagrow Pool Cleaning Robot is a powerhouse, filtering 18000 litres/hour.

Its Smart Z programming allows it to adapt to all pool shapes, surfaces, and types, climbing up to 6 ft effortlessly. With 4 strong scrubbing wheels and 2 powerful motors, it guarantees a thorough cleaning every time.

The Milagrow Pool Cleaning Robot is not just efficient but also eco-friendly, saving up to 93% energy and 30% on pool chemicals.

The 82 ft long cable with a 360-degree swivel ensures maximum coverage, and with the ability to change cable length up to 30m, it offers flexibility and convenience.

For added convenience, the RoboPhelps 25 Milagrow Pool Cleaning Robot can be remote-controlled for specific cleaning needs, offering three-time settings for customized cleaning cycles.

Safety is paramount, with injury protection and multiple sensors ensuring minimum human intervention.

Key Features:

  • Robotic 6th Sense Technology
  • Cleans Floor-Walls-Stairs-Coves
  • Filters 18000 Litres/Hour
  • Smart Z Programming
  • Suitable for All Pool Shapes and Surfaces
  • Climbs up to 6 Ft
  • Energy and Chemical Savings up to 93% and 30% respectively
  • 4 Strong Scrubbing Wheels
  • 2 Powerful Motors
  • 82 Ft Long Cable with a 360-degree Swivel
  • Remote-Controlled with 3 Time Settings
  • Injury Protection and Multiple Sensors

Ideal For: Ideal for pool owners seeking a smart, energy-efficient, and versatile robotic pool cleaner. Perfect for those with inground pools, looking for an automatic cleaner robot that guarantees thorough and convenient pool maintenance.







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