V-Guard Prime 850 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Brand  : V-Guard
  • Color  : Black
  • Type  : Pure Sine wave Inverter
  • Material  : High Quality Metal
  • Display Type  : LED
No-Cost EMI
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14,990.00 18,990.00

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PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR LOW PRICE. IT MAY COST YOU WARRANTY. BUY 100% GENUINE PRODUCT FROM “POWER BACKUP SOLUTIONS” What’s special about the V-Guard Prime 850 inverter? Apart from the promise of incredible and consistent high performance, it comes with Normal/High voltage modes for different output voltage allowing you to use it without worry. Its Digital Signal Controller-based design assures pure sinewave output and it is also equipped with high inrush load handling capability. The V-Guard Prime 850 boasts of a selectable charging mode for different battery types, giving you greater flexibility and convenience. With the Prime 850, you also stand to gain the advantage of an automatic battery water topping reminder, so you will never miss topping battery water levels preventing any problems or inconvenience. Another special feature that makes this product stand out is the Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protection which ensures you can enjoy the capabilities of your inverter for a long time to come





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