• Intelligent Time Delay System
  • Wall Mounting Cabinet Design – Elegant and easy to install
  • Built In Thermal Overload Protection – Protects the stabilizer and compressors during high temperature burnout
  • Latest IC Technology
  • Low & High Voltage cut-off Protection
  • Warranty – 3 Year


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Voltage fluctuations would never be a problem with the all new VG 4170. The futuristic 1.5 ton AC stabilizer is equipped with best-in-class features, offering high performance and better reliability during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations. The stunning product provides excellent protection to your AC ensuring that your air-conditioner’s functioning is smooth and its delivery is seamless. At times of frequent power failure, the intelligent time delay system gives the compressor proper balancing time, ensuring that there are no delays in restarting when the stabilizer is in off-mode for three or more minutes. An elegantly designed cabinet is another outstanding feature of the stabilizer, making it your AC’s perfect partner.

Intelligent Time Delay System: Equipped with an efficient Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS), this AC stabilizer enables a time-lapse so that the inbuilt compressor gets sufficient time to balance the current flow at times of power failure. This smart technology ensures that there is no delay in restarting when the stabilizer is in off-mode for three or more minutes. Simultaneously, it guarantees that, in case the power supply fails and comes back within three minutes, a time delay is automatically activated.

Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection: Frequent voltage fluctuations can harm your AC. Carefully designed with state of the art technologies, VG 4170 ensures that your AC get an optimum voltage output, thus safeguarding connected equipment from potential risks.

Latest IC Technology: Armed with the latest IC technology, the stunning stabilizer ensures high performance and reliable protection during frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

Built-in Thermal Overload Protection: When there is a sudden rise in temperature in stabilizer due to overload or due to any damages in connected equipment, the stabilizer output will cut off to protect the equipment.

Wall Mounting Cabinet Design: The model comes with an attractive cabinet design that upscale your house interiors and is very easy to install.




VG 4170


12 Ampere

Working Range (Input)

170 VAC – 270 VAC

Cabinet Material



One Air Conditioner Up to 1.5 Ton or 18000 BTU/Hour


3 Year


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