VU GOOGLE TV 43 INCHES 43GloLED with 3 years warranty

  • Supported Apps: Netflix|Prime Video|Disney+Hotstar|Youtube
  • Operating System: Google TV
  • Resolution: Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels
  • Sound Output: 84 W
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
No-Cost EMI
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Brilliant Illumination

Sophisticated robotic manufacturing technology is used to deposit inorganic nanoscale materials (Glo material) on a 4K LED screen to create the Vu GloLED TV panel. The colour reproduction is considerably improved by this Vu GloLED TV material, approaching the level of an OLED screen. The Vu GloLED TV panel’s 94% colour gamut is quite similar to an OLED’s. Additionally, the Vu GloLED TV material boosts brightness by up to 60% while using less energy.

Powerful Performance

The Vu GloLED TV Panel and Vu Glo AI processor work together to recreate the complete colour gamut and upscale OTT video using exceptional AI. The Vu Glo AI processor runs programmes smoothly thanks to its dual-core GPU and an incredible quad-core processor. The Vu GloLED TV has 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM, making everything on the TV smooth and fluid.

Google TV

Leverage the outstanding Google TV interface to search across all of your app content. Additionally, your interests are taken into account in the smart organisation of movies and television shows, making your streaming experience truly enjoyable.

Elevated Audio

The inbuilt DJ class subwoofer on the Vu GloLED TV is particularly developed to fit inside the compact frame of the Vu GloLED TV and does not vibrate or crackle even when the volume is set to 100%. In addition, this subwoofer improves bottom frequencies and creates a surround sound experience.

Home Theatre Experience

The Vu GloLED TV has an integrated soundbar with 2 speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 84 W of total sound output. You don’t need a separate audio/speaker system with the Vu GloLED TV. You can remotely manage your favourite music collection from your phone while using the Spotify app on the TV. With psycho-acoustic processing, the Vu DJ music system places the audio beside, behind, and above the viewer to offer you a realistic surround sound experience.

Enhanced Cricket Mode

By implementing AI algorithms that are a component of the Glo AI Processor, the Vu GloLED TV has enhanced its cricket mode to make ball visibility significantly superior. The Glo AI Processor also dynamically alters images and music to create a stadium-like appearance. Moreover, Dolby Atmos virtualization on the Vu GloLED TV makes cricket commentary sound sharp than the backdrop stadium noise.

Cinema Mode

When you choose Cinema mode, this TV truly displays the video as it was captured by the cameraman, without the use of any filters or image editing software. Additionally, the DJ subwoofer and soundbar produce sounds of movie theatre quality. Moreover, you can access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and YouTube by just pressing a hotkey on the remote.

Dynamic Picture Adjustment

An ambient light sensor on the Vu GloLED TV constantly modifies the display to match the content and ambient light. As a result, whether you are watching TV in a bright or dark room, the ambient light sensor automatically changes the picture to match the lighting in the room.

Frameless Design

The frameless design of the Vu GloLED TV maximises the viewing area. The DJ subwoofer is specifically designed to fit within the Vu GloLED TV’s slim chassis without audio crackling.



Number of Speakers


Sound Technology

Dolby Atmos

Other Audio Features

Built – in DJ Subwoofer, Bass Boost, Auto Volume Control


3 Years


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