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Window Robot

Milagrow Window Seagull 23

Original price was: ₹49,990.00.Current price is: ₹39,990.00.
Robotic Area Measurement Yes
Robotic Path Management Yes, 3X Better
Robotic Frameless Cleaning Yes, with Multiple Edge Sensors
Robotic Edge Cleaning Yes
Robotic Return to Origin Yes
Robotic Obstacle Sensing Yes
Robotic Suction Power Sensor Yes
Robotic Framed Cleaning Yes
Auto Cleaning Mode 3 (N, Z & N+Z )
Cleaning Stages 3 stage. Wipe, Mop, Wipe
Glass Window Cleaning Yes
Glass Door Cleaning Yes
Plain Glass Cleaning Yes 2 times faster
Working speed 2.5 Min/m²
Working noise (db) Working noise (db)
Working Time Unlimited as connected to mains. Battery is just a back up
Mopping Pad Size 3 Mops. Wet Mop 230×190 mm
Extension Cord (m) 4
Remote Control Battery 2x Aaa (1.5 Volt) Battery for Remote Control
Bumper Cleaning Cloth Yes
Instruction Manual Yes
Time for Full Charge 3 h
Item Dimensions 216x216x70 mm
Item Weight 3.6 kg
Warranty 1 Year comprehensive warranty.