Key Features
  • Brand  : Caresmith
  • Colour  : Glossy White
  • Item Weight  : 91 Grams
  • Power Source  : Battery Powered
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH  : 18.8 x 9.2 x 4.7 Centimeters
  • Model Name  : CS312

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Product Description

Smooth on tough hair

Magnificently meticulous

Tough hair? Don’t care! The 4-in-1 trimmer and shaver heads are built to be gentle on skin and tough on stubborn hair. Just hold it flush against unwanted fuzz and let it work its magic till all that’s left is lush smooth skin!

Glide and slide


No water

Trim Easy

The Bloom Trimmer and shaver works perfectly even on dry skin and offers a meticulously clean finish each time.

Perfectly painless

Its precision doesn’t offer pain, only soft skin. No matter what spot you trim — be it the soft curves of your face or sensitive underarm skin – it offers a close, clean shave without the chance of any nicks, cuts, and irritation.

No foam, no fuss

No need for creams or soaps. This trimmer works well dry and offers a meticulously clean finish each time.

all in one grooming kit

One for every need

Whatever is on your schedule — date night, swimming lessons, or a prideful catwalk down a runway — the Caresmith Bloom Face and Body Hair Trimmer has got your back and your unwanted fuzz. From your face, eyebrows, to your sensitive skin, this kit can leave you feeling glistening and well-groomed.

eyebrow trimmer

Body trimmer

face trimmer

Elegant eyebrows

Been dying for the perfectly shapely and enchantingly dramatic eyebrows that models often flaunt but salons never seem to get right? The eyebrow trimmer and shaper has got you covered. Let the eyebrow trimmer head give your glorious eyebrows a careful trim and then work your magic with the shaper — giving yourself the perfect, suggestive eyebrows that ever graced a beautiful face.

Trim your sensitive body hair

Carefully trim the hair on your underarms, and bikini line to up to 0.5 mm before letting the bi-directional shaver blade with its sharp yet thin foils take care of the rest so you are left with silky smooth skin each time.

Plump, not peachy

Soft peach fuzz messing with your insta-ready makeup look? Caress the face of your skin with the facial trimmer and let it offer you a clean, fuzz-free canvas each time




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