Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Breeze Portable Room Air Purifier (Silver & Black)

  • 200 sq ft :Suitable for a Small room
  • HEPA : Cleans common particle allergens, needs periodic replacement
  • 150 m3/hr : Large rooms need higher CADR ratings to filter more air per min
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Sweeping, mopping and dusting all the furniture everyday will keep your house looking clean, but how can you be sure that the air in your house is as clean too? With the Aeroguard Breeze air purifier, your house is not just going to be clean but sterile with pure and hygienic air.

Aerodynamic 360 Degree Airflow
This air purifier has a powerful 360 degree airflow that draws air into all sides and delivers pure air in the entire room. With a powerful super suction, the air purifier is very efficient in delivering pure air in your house.

5 Stage ActiveShield Filtration System
This air purifier is built with a patented 5 stage ActiveShield filtration system that frees your house from all airborne particles and keeps the air 99.9 percent pure, thus keeping you safe from any airborne infections.

Active HEPA Filter
Operating on a nanoscale, the Active HEPA filter in this air purifier ensures that your house is free from even airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, keeping your house sterile and free from bacteria, combustion particles, pollen and other ultrafine particles that a lot of air purifiers fail to get rid of.

Active 10X Pre-Filter
The air purifier also has the Active 10X filter that is cylindrical and frees your house from large suspended solids like pet dander, dust and dirt, keeping your house clean and hygienic at all times.

Active Nano Silver
With this Active Nano Silver, this air purifier has strong sterilization capacities, controlling the growth of fungi, bacteria and other air borne germs effectively.

Active Carbon Filter
With the Active Carbon Filter in your air purifier, you can now be sure that your house is not just free from all bad odors but harmful and toxic gases too.

Anion Generator With Fragrance Diffuser
By producing negative ions, the Aeroguard Breeze removes all air pollutants from your house, keeping the air around you clean and fresh at all times. You can even add a fragrance of your choice and fill your room with a mood-elevating aroma by using the fragrance diffuser in the air purifier.

Mood Lamp
This air purifier also has a lamp that provides a soft glow that can relax you with a mellow mood.






Silver, Black





Control Type

One Touch Control

Technology Used

Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated Carbon, Breathe Safe Filter, Ioniser

Air Flow Level

150 m3/hr

Number of Speed Settings


3D Circulation Air Flow


Clean Air Delivery Rate

150 CMH

Other Performance Features

HEPA Filter Grade: 13, PM 2.5 Filtration (%): 99.99, Bacteria Filtration (%): 99.9



Other Convenience Features

PM 2.5 Filtration, Number of Filters: 5, Effective Filtration Size (Microns): 0.3

Power Requirement

230 V

Power Consumption

22 W

Other Features

Mood Lamp and Fan Speed Control, Filter Lifetime: 2000 hrs, Cord Length: 1.5 m, Purpose: Dust / Dirt Removal, Pet Dander Removal, Odour Removal, Toxic Gas Removal, Bacteria and Virus Removal, Negative Ion Generator


1.7 kg


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