• Brand  : Impex
  • Color  : Black
  • Material : Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Wattage  : 1200 Watts

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Product Description

Impex offers the OMEGA-L3 Induction Cooktop which makes cooking faster and easier. You can quickly choose your desired cooking mode through the 8 different temperature adjustment levels and 7 programmed modes. This kitchen appliance is smartly designed with 1200W power to meet all your multiple cooking needs with ease. It also comprises of large buttons and LED display for an enhanced cooking experience. The cook-top surface ensures a large and uniform heated area so that the food is cooked efficiently.

The Ultimate Cooktop

This is definitely an ultimate cooktop that transforms your cooking experience with the amazing features and specifications installed in it.

1200W Strong Fire Power

This cooktop works on 1200W power. It ensures energy efficient cooking to prepare all your dishes with ease. The cooktop heats up quickly which not just saves your time on busy mornings, but also saves energy consumption.

Multi- Functional Control

The smart cooktop comes with a stylish and smooth panel that features all the button controls. It has seven different Indian pre-set menus to make every day cooking easier and more convenient. There is also an all cooking feature that you can use for cooking at your own style.

Overheat Protection

The overheat protection is also an amazing feature incorporated in this cooktop. The cooktop prevents overheating by automatically reducing the temperature when you are not around. This prevents the food from getting burnt.

4 Digit LED Display

The cooktop has a 4-digit LED display. This allows you to set the timer right for efficient cooking. It also has a 24 hours pre set timer and a 4 hours timer. This is perfect for people who are busy and cannot be around the cooktop all the time.

8 Levels Temperature Adjustments

This induction cooktop comes with 8 different levels of temperature settings to make cooking faster and easier. You can increase or decrease the temperature whenever required to get that perfect dish.

Auto Shut Off

The cooktop is designed with an auto-shut off feature that automatically shuts it down when there is no pot detected for a specific amount of time. This also helps in saving energy.






Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


1200 Watts

Controls Type


Item Weight

1 kg 900 g


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