Brand Whirlpool
Capacity 325 litres
Configuration Freezer-on-Bottom
Energy Star 3 Star
Colour Omega Steel

Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor.


40,900.00 55,750.00

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From the manufacturer

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With a luxurious design and futuristic format, the refrigerator belongs to a new era of refrigeration of the perfect combination of aesthetics & technology.Exquisite design with a premium steel finish, and feather touch UI on the outside and metal-clad air tower, and infinity shelves with a chrome tint on the inside makes this refrigerator perfect for any modern household.

Powered by Adaptive Intelligence technology – an advanced network of IntelliSensors, and a microprocessor – it continuously senses, adapts, and controls the temperature inside the refrigerator based on outside weather conditions, the load inside & your usage pattern. This ensures that you get perfect cooling & long-lasting freshness always.

The 3D airflow technology, with a scientifically designed metallic air tower, strategically placed vents, and airboosters, circulates cold air uniformly in a circular manner. The cold air does not hit food items directly, thereby minimizing the moisture loss and keeping the food items fresh for longer.

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Get long-lasting freshness with the help of advanced technology. The refrigerator has a perfect environment that gives up to 15 days of extended freshness and the best in class vitamin preservation.

The unique Microblock technology prevents up to 99%* bacterial growth ensuring that fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. So, go on, stock in the refrigerator, and get that long-lasting freshness.

*Results based on internal lab tests no. 5032/1- 3 dated 2/21/2014 done under standard testing conditions. T&C apply.

Ordinarily fruits release ethylene which in turn expedites the ripening of fruits and vegetables. The patented Zeolite* inside the Freshonizer absorbs the excess ethylene thereby preventing excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables.

*Patented Vide No 1635/DEL/2005

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Adaptive Cooling ensures that milk and other dairy products stay fresh for up to 7 days. Now stop worrying for milk spoilage and store more.

*Results based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions and models.

It is a specialized compartment that allows storing everything from dairy to fresh fruits and vegetables. Just shift the slider and set it to any mode between dairy or fruits and vegetables. The temperature will be changed according to what’s stored inside to ensure long lasting freshness of food items.

The inverter compressor and inverter fan – adjusts the compressor and fan speed in real time coordination to give you faster cooling. It helps in saving energy every day and gives super silent performance. Not only this, it ensures that you can connect your refrigerator with home inverter.

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The Portable ice tray can be removed and used for easy filling of water and serving of ice. Additionally, the flexibility to remove tray creates extra space in the freezer compartment for frozen food items.

Retains cooling for up to 18 hours after power cuts*, which ensures that the food items don’t get spoilt in case of a power blackout or accidental switch-off of the refrigerator.

*Results of freezer section based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions and models

Whirlpool Refrigerators are not just versatile but also very reliable. This refrigerator can stably operate even in high fluctuation of voltage (115V-305V) and has been certified by VDE for 25 years of reliability.

*Results based on external lab tests done on select models under specific conditions




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